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We are coming to the end of 2012 and although for many in the industry it has been a challenging time caused by the economic difficulties felt across Europe in particular, Parquet Flooring has been fortunate to be involved with some wonderful projects.

We aimed to produce some beautiful floors in response to our clients high expectations and we can look back at the year gone by with satisfaction that we successfully achieved that remit.

A look that has been growing steadily is an antique or distressed finish, this may have something to do with a resurgent feel for history and reliability which emanates from distressed parquet. It is important that distressed does not mean damaged rather it has a seasoned appearance with a user friendly element whereby a scratch or traces of wear do not have any impact on the floor’s appearance in fact wear enhances the weathered look.

We can age a new wood using different techniques, mechanical distressing can be achieved by brushing, lashing or scraping, distressing by smoking or colouring, sometimes we use a combination of techniques to make a new floor look old. The old wood from old mansions and┬ámonasteries┬áhas become more scarce and of course the more scarce a product becomes the more expensive and exclusive it is, the floors Parquet Flooring creates from new wood reproduces the ‘vintage’ look but without the high cost associated with reclaimed antique parquet.



Here are some floors we have recently completed.

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