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As you may have noticed I have been missing my usual information updates for a few months but I haven’t been resting we have been away sourcing different sorts of wood and finishes and adapting them to some wonderful panels + marquetry.
We have now enlarged our selections and finishes to keep up with current building + design trends, whilst we have been travelling and talking to different architects and designers we have identified  two extremes taking place, one leads to a more sense of nostalgia with an emphasis on warmth and character an oak floor always commands respect. The other trend which features strongly is a yearning for simplicity + modernism with evenness in appearance, generally speaking parquet flooring have the big advantage that they fit into any surroundings. Here at Parquet Flooring we are able to create a floor to suit the clients preferred look using a variety of techniques and finishing methods which can help determine the look of the room.

If nostalgia and character are to to be the look of the room then without doubt the Versailles panel is the king, but even within this criteria we can give scope and choice whether to smoke or distress the wood which will add more of an aged feel, or as some clients choose to go for a more modern finish. We have had some requests for a metallic finish with a colour base e.g. black metallic, there are many to choose from. We have also added to our plank collection sourcing wider and longer boards, we can finish to suit the design specifications making as simple and clean a line as possible, to create a room with a very minimalist look. All of the colours and finishes we have developed are interchangeable which can be useful in creating different zones for different uses. I hope this update has been helpful; all of our samples are on show at our showroom in Temple Fortune.

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Our lives are much less regimented than those of out parents and grandparents therefore we need interior design that reflects this, our homes are much more open. The modern family needs interiors which allow plenty of diversity in terms of activity, but the family is still together, these changes in the way we now live is reflected in the trend for open living space.

The blended family design approach, epitomised by the incorpration of kitchen / dining / living space can still be designed to meet the style concepts and looks that the client wants. Wood and Parquet Flooring can be finished and adapted to a whole range of styles, from a modern sophisticated look to a country casual or urban chic. Here at Parquet Flooring we have created and installed every possible combination of species, colours and finishes over the years, but we do not rely only on past finished floors for our repertoire. We are constantly innovating and experimenting with colours and finishes to meet the changing moods and shape of contemporary interiors.

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We are coming to the end of 2012 and although for many in the industry it has been a challenging time caused by the economic difficulties felt across Europe in particular, Parquet Flooring has been fortunate to be involved with some wonderful projects.

We aimed to produce some beautiful floors in response to our clients high expectations and we can look back at the year gone by with satisfaction that we successfully achieved that remit.

A look that has been growing steadily is an antique or distressed finish, this may have something to do with a resurgent feel for history and reliability which emanates from distressed parquet. It is important that distressed does not mean damaged rather it has a seasoned appearance with a user friendly element whereby a scratch or traces of wear do not have any impact on the floor’s appearance in fact wear enhances the weathered look.

We can age a new wood using different techniques, mechanical distressing can be achieved by brushing, lashing or scraping, distressing by smoking or colouring, sometimes we use a combination of techniques to make a new floor look old. The old wood from old mansions and monasteries has become more scarce and of course the more scarce a product becomes the more expensive and exclusive it is, the floors Parquet Flooring creates from new wood reproduces the ‘vintage’ look but without the high cost associated with reclaimed antique parquet.



Here are some floors we have recently completed.

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Parquet Flooring a company employing skilled tradesmen, has recently been awarded membership of The Guild of Master Craftesmen. Membership was granted by The Guild’s Council of Management in recognition of the company’s commitment to work with skill and integrity, and its agreement to abide by The Guild’s publicly declared aims and objectives. This follows approval of references submitted by a number of satisfied customers. Parquet Flooring are now entitled to display The Guild logo at its premises.

The Guild is a national organisation, with members in many different trades, crafts and vocations.


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Parquet Flooring is the ultimate source for those with a passion for creating exceptional surroundings. We put a unique viewpoint on the traditional wood flooring showroom we can cater to the homeowner looking to renovate their existing home or professional designers and architects who are looking for technical support in all stages of a project.

We can give our considerable expertise gained over many years in the wood flooring industry to all aspects of a project including design and installation.

Parquet Flooring has a strong reputation for the quality and service it provides and as a result a large percentage of our business is from repeat customers and referrals. If you are looking for inspiration check out our gallery & catalogue pages, if you need further information we will be happy to answer your enquiries through our email: wood@parquet-flooring.co.uk


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The housing market has been in the doldrums for nearly five years, there has been no significant signs of a recovery. Because of this a lot of homeowners have decided to stay put and to extend their existing homes if they need extra space, other homeowners are adding improvements to add value and comfort with an eye to a potential sale when the market picks up.

Flooring has the biggest single impact on the house as a whole and hardwood flooring is one of the most luxurious its a feature that buyers love. Here at PF we have a number of options available for home owners who want to add that extra feel and appearance that denotes style and comfort. The client can choose from a range of pre finished woods which are ready to be installed by either the clients fitters or by our in house technicians.

We can also supply a bespoke service whereby the client has the ability to select the material used to manufacture the product and to customize it as they see fit. The dimensions of the materials the features added to it, the way the product is coloured and finished are all executed according to the clients specifications. Bespoke flooring engages a high degree of customization and involvement from the client in the production of the product.

Visit us in our Temple Fortune showroom were we can help you achieve the look you are aiming for.


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The 17th Century was the golden age for the fitting technique known as Marquetry. These mosaic style panels are better known as Versailles Panels named because of the association with the castle near Paris from which the style and name came from.
Originally the Versailles Panels measured 1×1 metre of diagonal plaiting framed by a square edge of parquet strips but nowadays these panels can be adapted to suit the room they are to be fitted in.
At Parquet Flooring we have a wide experience of producing and installing different design of panel. We can finish in the traditional distressed style or a more contemporary shade, such as a grey smoked white effect which is very popular with interior designers as it compliments modern minimalist interiors. We work with the client or designer to create a floor which has the exclusive coveted look from history, tailored with a modern twist if required.


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We have now become a member of the Contract Flooring Association we are very please to have joined this organisation which now accounts for a significant proportion of the U.K’s commercial flooring market.

Gaining membership meant passing a vetting process including trade references financial health and reputation checks. We are accepted as having on offer the best products and services within relevant current British, European & International standards with an assurance of fully trained operatives within the business.

Parquet Flooring puts its commitment to the quality of products and services we provide very highly in our business strategy therefore we are delighted that our company has been acknowledged by a leading organisation in the flooring industry.

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As I wrote in March we have acquired a bigger showroom as well as our longstanding shop on Monkville Parade, Temple Fortune, Golders Green, we needed more space to show the new floors and finishes we are constantly adding to our collection. The latest floor we have introduced is an exceptionally long and wide plank which we can finish to a clients specification in terms of colour, shade and texture. These boards really are exceptionally long and make a truly stunning impression, we have posted images in our gallery section for viewing.

But it’s still business as usual for our customers looking for supplementary products, so we have dedicated our former showroom to a one stop shop for professional users and DIY enthusiasts who want to install their own flooring. Available to take away are a range of accessories for use with most hardwood and laminate floors, we are able to satisfy most requirements as well as being an official distributor of Bona Kemi and Osmo installation and finishing systems.

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Wood is an organic material which works very well with ultra modern materials such as steel and stone, it adds warmth to a space which could otherwise be perceived as cold.

If we look back to the 1920’s in Europe, to the Bauhaus movement which is still influencing architects and designers today we can see how wood and glass was used to create a new way of living, more open with more light.

The modern home with flat roof and glass walls, quite often added as an extension to a Victorian or Edwardian house blends perfectly with the natural beauty of timeless elegant wooden flooring.

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