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Special Offer !! Full container arrived, made in Holland.

Oak Multilayer Rustic Grade 21*180mm 6mm Top Layer

Choice of 4 stains: Natural, Grey, Black, White

Whilst Stock Lasts

£35+ VAT 

Picture of the timber below:

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Well I have finally found the time to update everyone on what’s been happening at Parquet Flooring, after a lengthy wait for the building to be completed the hoardings came off and we were able to began work on the fit out on our new showroom. We were very committed to producing an interior that has maximum light which not only shows the floor samples in true colour and grain but also has the height + space which allows them to be viewed independently without distraction.

Muki has been working very hard producing new finishes + colours whilst Ben has been occupied flat out with moving and upgrading our internet + telecommunication systems. The new website has attracted lots of complimentary comments and visitors.

Below are pictures of our new showroom.

Outside Showroom

Inside Showroom

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The grand opening with much excitement and celebraties in attendance took place on the 16th September 2010. Apart from the Shoes! The parquet flooring was a huge success with much comment in the press and praise for the amazing quality and finish that we achieved with the highly individual and unique French Smoked Oak patterns.

Oak Versaille Panels White Oil

Oak Versaille Panels White Oil

Oak Versaille Panels White Oil

Oak Versaille Panels White Oil

Oak Herringbone White Oil

Herringbone + Hexagon

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Here at Parquet Flooring we are applying our specialist techniques in colour staining to widen even further our  range of custom made Hardwood Plank and Parquet design floors.

We have noticed a trend which has been steadily growing for a more personalized look and style in our clients wood and parquet  flooring needs, it began with light subtle shades added to the final finish but now we are getting requests for bolder colours and finishes.

We have been creating some stunning effects using metallic finishes including silver, gold and black, we can adjust the amount of colour used to lessen or deepen the effect.

Oak Multilayer Awaiting Colour Approval

In the new techniques we have for enhancing Parquet and Hardwood Plank flooring we can give the wood a cosmetic treatment just as skin can be enhanced using cosmetics, in fact it’s a very apt comparison. Wood is live matter just like skin and so just as we would not rub or apply any product onto our skin without the advice of a specialist we would not recommend treating Parquet or Hardwood flooring without professional advice.

Along with a growing trend for different finishes and colours there is still a strong demand for traditional Hardwood Planks and traditional Parquet designs using Oak and other species. There always has been and probably always will be a great pleasure in seeing a beautiful classic design Parquet floor which brings an elegant style to all interiors.

Our experience with a wide range of clients with different style specifications has given us an understanding of what look the client is aiming for and how to achieve this. We believe the flooring sets the scene for the interior as soon as one enters, and using Hardwood Plank or a Parquet design allows the designer to be as adventurous or subtle as they want to be by choosing from a  whole range of finishes and effects.

Oak Multilayer Prime Metallic Silver 21x189mm 6mm Top Layer

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A cute compilation of some of the parquet flooring jobs we have recently completed.


If you want to find out what flooring options are available for you please call us today and receive a free no obligation quote.

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