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Our lives are much less regimented than those of out parents and grandparents therefore we need interior design that reflects this, our homes are much more open. The modern family needs interiors which allow plenty of diversity in terms of activity, but the family is still together, these changes in the way we now live is reflected in the trend for open living space.

The blended family design approach, epitomised by the incorpration of kitchen / dining / living space can still be designed to meet the style concepts and looks that the client wants. Wood and Parquet Flooring can be finished and adapted to a whole range of styles, from a modern sophisticated look to a country casual or urban chic. Here at Parquet Flooring we have created and installed every possible combination of species, colours and finishes over the years, but we do not rely only on past finished floors for our repertoire. We are constantly innovating and experimenting with colours and finishes to meet the changing moods and shape of contemporary interiors.

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