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As you may have noticed I have been missing my usual information updates for a few months but I haven’t been resting we have been away sourcing different sorts of wood and finishes and adapting them to some wonderful panels + marquetry.
We have now enlarged our selections and finishes to keep up with current building + design trends, whilst we have been travelling and talking to different architects and designers we have identified  two extremes taking place, one leads to a more sense of nostalgia with an emphasis on warmth and character an oak floor always commands respect. The other trend which features strongly is a yearning for simplicity + modernism with evenness in appearance, generally speaking parquet flooring have the big advantage that they fit into any surroundings. Here at Parquet Flooring we are able to create a floor to suit the clients preferred look using a variety of techniques and finishing methods which can help determine the look of the room.

If nostalgia and character are to to be the look of the room then without doubt the Versailles panel is the king, but even within this criteria we can give scope and choice whether to smoke or distress the wood which will add more of an aged feel, or as some clients choose to go for a more modern finish. We have had some requests for a metallic finish with a colour base e.g. black metallic, there are many to choose from. We have also added to our plank collection sourcing wider and longer boards, we can finish to suit the design specifications making as simple and clean a line as possible, to create a room with a very minimalist look. All of the colours and finishes we have developed are interchangeable which can be useful in creating different zones for different uses. I hope this update has been helpful; all of our samples are on show at our showroom in Temple Fortune.

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